On wings of… dragons?

So. A while back, I made some wings for some delightful children (more on that in another post) and I got the giggly idea that it would be fun to make dragon wings for one of my favourite doggos. These are the Twig and Tale Dragon Wings (You can actually buy them cheaper in the... Continue Reading →

And suddenly, it was February, 2019

So in my head, I’m still the same size. Even though, when I worked out the numbers the other day, I’ve lost 62 kg since then. Let me just emphasise that. In 11 years I’ve lost... Sixty two kilograms. As someone commented on my Facebook “you’ve lost a whole person!” Well, maybe a small one.... Continue Reading →

Been a long time…

... and I’m very tired. But here’s a quick post, at long last, just to have something here..  Hello. This is what I looked like the other day. the brooch I’m wearing is by Fractured Lace and it’s “Lepus”, a Celestial Maiden. And that’s it for tonight.  

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