And suddenly, it was February, 2019

Caity, Dad, Mum, October 2008

So in my head, I’m still the same size. Even though, when I worked out the numbers the other day, I’ve lost 62 kg since then. Let me just emphasise that. In 11 years I’ve lost…

Sixty two kilograms.

As someone commented on my Facebook “you’ve lost a whole person!”

Well, maybe a small one. And it wasn’t exactly a rapid weight loss.

Part of the reason I stopped sewing for myself for such a long time is this body dysmorphia. It’s only very recently as I take accurate measurements and get ready to sew again that I’m facing up to exactly what a difference there is between how my head still mostly thinks I look – and what the rest of the world sees.

Sure, I’d had to gradually find new jeans, and buy new bras and undies; but I’d still been wearing my very forgiving, (very faded!) knit dresses from a few years back, although I had done a significant wardrobe clean out. I will admit that I am still wearing the same pink t shirt as in the 2008 photo, but only around the house these days as it’s almost a rag (but it’s my faaaaaavourite!!)

Why all this talk about weight loss and sewing? Well, it’s been a Big Topic amongst sewists in the online community in the past week or two. Inclusivity and intersectionality in pattern design and in the language used around it are important. A lot of people are tired of feeling excluded, whether by size (designers simply cutting off their size range, designing for and showing only on one body shape) or by gender and language assumptions (and for a far more eloquent explanation of this, please read what Rare Device has written in this wonderful post.

Yep So as I sit down to grumble about the minor adjustments I need to make to the patterns I’m tracing today, I’m mindful that I actually do fit into the size range provided by this particular designer. (Later today I’m finishing pattern alterations on something where the designer has listened to sewists’ requests for better inclusivity and is reworking her size ranges this year, but I need the changes before then… those 25+ years of buying Threads magazine have been worth it) .Until I actually sew a few successful garments for myself, I’m not sure I’ll believe my body is really the size the measurements say it is. And cutting into the “good fabric” (the Lush Fabrics Australia Sunday Specials most definitely count as “good fabric”, their knits are so superior to anything else I’ve bought!) is going to be… interesting. And last time I sewed knits, my overlocker was working – it’s waiting for a service, but I can’t wait any longer. Onwards!

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  1. Not that small. I’m short but chunky and weigh just under that, although I’ve been heavier (71) and lighter. Although my asthma improved when I got back down or close to 55, weight I was in my 20s, so I need to lose 3-5 and I struggle with that. Why didn’t doctors ever tell me asthma was weight related disorder as I slowly added kilos? So you can think of me when you think of the weight you lost. I’m that person. Its pretty amazing.

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