On wings of… dragons?


A while back, I made some wings for some delightful children (more on that in another post) and I got the giggly idea that it would be fun to make dragon wings for one of my favourite doggos.

These are the Twig and Tale Dragon Wings

(You can actually buy them cheaper in the bundle with the Woodland Sprite and Angel Wings, which is what I chose to do).

Not a beginner pattern, even though there are very friendly step throughs of the entire process – I think unless you’ve had some experience in stitching around small curves, and turning through small pieces, this could be frustrating for a beginner. (I made it more difficult for myself on this set by using two layers of wool batting – much swearing involved, but the puffier look achieved was worth it.)

Gambit the Staffie in his wings But Gambit does look adorable, right? He’s a Staffie, who lives with my dear friend Mandy in Canada. 

Something to watch on these (although they do have adjustable, elastic straps with snaps) if you’re making them for someone far away, is to double check the measurement of the wearer’s shoulder around to mid back point. Gambit is rather more muscular than most doggos, so the straps are a little tight (fortunately, Mandy has a fix already worked out).

 These are these are the smallest size in the pattern. (Each pattern comes in Small =1-3- years, Medium= 4-5 to 10 years, and Large = 10+ years to

Be prepared for a lot of tracing – there’s no shortcut, you must trace each pattern piece several times in order to make these.
But it’s worth it.


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