Another exhausting day…


I’m determined to keep posting to this blog, now I’ve started it up again. I even bought single vision computer glasses, which have made a huge difference to my comfort as I use this setup. (My iPad Air, bought in 2014, is becoming increasingly useless – a situation I am NOT happy about, but what can you do, except never buy from that multinational, greedy corporation again?)

In any case, I had some not so good Covid-19 related news today – just a very minor thing, nobody is sick, nothing scary – but two of my mental health supports will no longer be conducted face-to-face, as part of the (probably belated) decision to try and flatten the curve and keep the virus from spreading.

a bit glum…

I am incredibly privileged to have the mental health support team that I do – and to see them as often as I do. But a phone call or video call just doesn’t feel the same. HOWEVER, it’s a small thing in the face of this outbreak. A minor inconvenience to change my routine, to keep those who are vulnerable (like my brother, who unless there is some amazing scientific breakthrough, will be immunosuppressed for the rest of his life) safe.

We tend to live a fairly isolated life as it is. The panic buying has been awful to see – it’s not the end of the world if we run out of bog roll, people! And are you REALLY going to use all that flour, or are the pantry moths going to get it? I’m limiting how often I look at news sites, I’ve cut back on Instagram, but I’m staying informed by listening to Radio National’s Coronacast, which is updated every night.

And I bought this lovely book:

When Life Is Not Peachy, By Pip Lincolne

which is just *perfect* for right now. I’m been following her blog for years now, and adore her writing and photography.

Plus, I have so many other things to do – there’s always, always more housework that needs doing (hahahahah, I made a joke! That *could* happen, and I also *could* be magically cured of Chronic Fatigue/ME and Sjogrens Syndrome etc etc when I wake up tomorrow.) I could sort through all the boxes of STUFF in the shed and work out which books are going and which are staying, same with the fabric.

I might even find my camera again, since neither my phone nor my previously mentioned iPad want to play nicely with this laptop. Shrugs. Nice to have a goal in mind.

(and at this point, the author trailed off, declaring exhaustion and lack of further typing skills. Goodnight! )

Remember – practice random acts of kindness, stay safe, and wash your hands!


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