Self care, and exhaustion

She yawns
Soooo tiiired

It’s been a long week. I’ve had appointments every day, and as an introvert (who needs my own quiet space to recharge) and someone dealing with multiple chronic illnesses (CFS/ME and Sjögrens Syndrome both are very exhausting) I’ve needed extra rest.

Still, today I went out for a luxury self care appointment, something I haven’t done in months. I had my eyebrows shaped and dyed, my eyelashes tinted, and a couple of other face tings done.

And I feel so much better about myself. I’m not saying “ everyone, go out and do this!” I’m saying for me, I feel more like myself when these things are done. For years, I didn’t have my eyebrows shaped, or do anything about my eyelashes (back then I could see well enough to apply mascara if I really wanted to, these days, I don’t poke anything near my eyes!) and I barely noticed which colour lipstick I wore – if I wore any. Now I love my bright red lippy, and people notice if I’m not wearing it.

But today’s appointment – even though it wasn’t all that long, was with someone new, and was fairly intimate – and so it was exhausting for me as an introvert, even though I loved the results. So I collapsed into bed when I got home, had some lunch, slept some more, had some dinner… now I’m about to have another protein snack (damn this anorexia!) and sleep some more.

Be kind to yourselves and to others, and wash your hands,


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