I think today was… Saturday?

Something that happens when you have chronic illnesses and stay home a lot, and that more people might find out soon, is that the daysalltendtoruntogetherlikethis. Yes, there are weeks when the medical appointments let you know which day it is (oh, I’m going to miss those face to face appointments, even though they are so draining!). But some weeks – some weeks, we have to look at the phone or computer to check the day and date.

One thing that doesn’t change is darling Emmalumpdogg’s need to get out.

Just out, taking the air…

Right now, though, her Daddy has been less well than usual. So we’re self isolating even more than usual, and she didn’t get a walk today. She was a bit sulky, poor girl.

As for me, I’m still tired, but I just never seem to get over that.

Today the local government closed our town library. Whether the e- systems will still operate, I don’t know; I hope they do, because I was really enjoying access to the free audiobooks and e-books.

I mentioned on Instagram the other day (yes, I’m @caitys_empire) I would explain the pin I was wearing in this picture:

Sunnies and the Alethiometer…

Now, this does tie in with audiobooks and the library, because I’m enjoying listening to Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy, and I’m nearly at the end of the second book of the full cast recording of “The Subtle Knife” .

And this giant, beautiful pin happened to be on sale (mine was a second, but I cannot pick a flaw!) a week or two back, so I grabbed it – and it’s gorgeous.

This pin represents the Alethiometer, or symbol reader, a very import part of the story, and I’m so impressed with the detail Fable and Black have put in.

I wanted to write more today but it’s time to find another protein snack because… ugh. (“can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom?”)

Be kind to yourselves and to others, remember it’s not the end of the world, and wash your hands,



2 thoughts on “I think today was… Saturday?”

  1. Just in case you can’t get e-books through library, have you signed up for Bookbub? It lets you know which books in categories you like are on promotion for free that day (promotions often only last for a day so get them when they are offered)

    1. Thanks for that, Karey! I hadn’t heard of that, so I will sign up. Of course, I do still have all those books in boxes to sort through, but it’s nice to grab something different…

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