Well I woke up this mornin’…

(and of course this should be in 8 bar blues…)

I’d only had 3 hours sleep.

(3 hours. Sleep.)

But I got up and made breakfast and a cuppa anyway.

Welll, I said I woke up this mornin’… (continue as you like, the blues 8 bar pattern should be familiar enough)

And then… the migraine fairy hit me over the head with her great big wooden mallet. DOOONNNNNGGGGGGG!

Sing along “Welll I woke up this mornin’…”

Cut to much later in the day, when I stumble back out into the light, knowing that today, we have to set up and test for Zoom and Skype telehealth appointments later in the week.

What an annoying disappointment Zoom turned out to be! The audio was dragging and delayed, the way to send invites was clumsy. We have fast internet (by Australian terms, having been lucky enough to be in a pilot suburb years ago where we got the much vaunted National Broadband Network fibre directly to the house).

Whether it’s because *everybody* working from home (and especially telehealth providers) have been advised to use Zoom as a secure way to provide services, and therefore Zoom’s servers are clogged liked a sewer full of fatbergs, or whether my (not that old) computer didn’t like the program, it just was not workable.

Skype, on the other hand, was easier to connect, had zero audio or visual lag over wired or wireless connection, and was clear to see and hear. Definitely a winner. I’ve been using Skype with one of my medical providers for years and while her setup sometimes had delays, it was still nowhere near as bad as Zoom.

I would prefer going to the privacy of a provider’s rooms, of course I would! But its a pandemic. I have yet to read the news today (oh boy) but I’m sure it won’t have suddenly all gone away overnight. Safety for everyone has to be be observed.

At the same time, I’m getting tired of the stupidity of panic buying. Very tired. There are a few things that will be in limited supply, for good reasons – like rice – growers simply couldn’t get the water to grow a good crop this year (do not even talk to me about the mess that the government has made of the Murray Darling River) – but mostly, supplies will build up again, supermarket shelves will be stocked and greengrocers will be able to fill orders, if people stop being so selfish.

Oh, I’m tired. I still have that post-migraine hangover and I’m feeling groggy and grumpy. More later.

Wash your damn hands and stop being idiots.



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