Ms Emmalumpdogg’s true calling

In which she shows that even city dogs know what to do…

For days now on their morning walks, Ms Emmalumpdogg and her Daddy have been spying a surprising, out of place thing. And every day, Ms Emmalumpdogg has looked up hopefully at Daddy, asking, “Can we cross the road and go over there today?” Only to be told, disappointingly, “not today, big girl”.

But today, she’d decided enough.

Off they went, not long after dawn…

Yes! Finally! Daddy had, after several of Ms Emmalumpdogg’s “we shall not be moved” moments, agreed to take her to the flock. To get her closer to what she knew in her koolie/kelpie bones was her True Purpose in life! Sheep! Part of her soul! Where she was meant to be! Her own little herd of people around the house was all very well, and she loved looking after them, but she was, after all, a Working Dog.

Happy and exhausted, Daddy and Ms Emmalumpdogg trotted home for breakfast and a nap. After all, a girl has to build up her strength for more adventures!

Well, I’m back….

Let’s try this again.

So. I’ve been away from the blog for a little while, partly because I’ve been unwell, partly because of the dreaded ‘Rona causing disruption everywhere…

Telehealth, while a necessary and luvverly and long needed addition to our health care system, has several failings, especially when it comes to the delivery of certain services. (I had to giggle at a letter which advised me that one of my providers would support dental care via telehealth. How, exactly, would that work? Mail you a sterilised kit, and have you poke around in your own mouth as they watch via webcam?!)

Mental health services via telehealth are … better than not getting any mental health services at all. But nowhere near the same as actually seeing the people you need to see. (I acknowledge I am immensely privileged in the amount of mental health services I receive.)

there have been many days when I have done this (never so glamourously)

Still, as the government in its wisdom has decided we are allowed to venture out again (for certain definitions), I have valued being back at my regular appointments.

But more than that – I have been able to go out with some new friends. As scary as that was, that’s been wonderful.

Me. Yep. (Artist unknown)

There’s been so much going on in the world. Not just the plague, but the necessary reckoning that has come with beginning to acknowledge what white privilege is built on around the world – black lives, black deaths, and the continuing exploitation of the labour of people of those whose skins are not white, those who have never been the beneficiaries of the Anglo class system.

I’m proud to have been born and raised on Wiradjuri land. But I never learned a single thing about the culture of the people whose land I was occupying, without treaty, without consent, while I was in school. My partner’s people and culture was part of a policy of “extirpation”- as though they were vermin. We don’t talk about it often because the wounds, even this many generations down, are deep.

Where to from here? I don’t know. Day by day.

I’m drawing again, or at least, trying to. That feels like… something.