Today’s Achievements Unlocked

I’m No Rosie…

But I managed to sweep the lounge room and kitchen floor today! Huge achievement. You see, Emmalumpdogg is a merle spotted, double coated doggo, and she sheds fur all. year. ’round.

You could probably make little needle-felted Emmalumpdoggs, to have perched in various poses, sitting all over the house, she sheds so much fur. And that’s with daily brushing. We still get tumbleweeds of Emma fur floating along the floorboards.

That’s our happy girl!

I also made another huge pot of chicken soup – this time, with a different spice blend, added carrots, and a tin of chickpeas.

Mmm, sooouuup

I also got all the dishes washed, spoke with my mental health peer support worker, paid for a prescription I needed written by my psychiatrist (I deliberately stayed away from her office when I was due for my last appointment because I had flu symptoms, and then a couple of days ago tried to order one of my much needed brain medications only to discover I had no scripts left – and had to pay to have one written outside an appointment. I’m rather annoyed by that, since I feel I did the right thing by staying away… And the psychiatrist obviously didn’t check my file during that appointments time, just left it up to me to follow up. If I was that capable, I wouldn’t NEED a mental health team, would I?! (headdesk…) anyway, it’s done now, faxed to the pharmacy, and I phoned this afternoon to ask them to dispense it).


So… What else did I do? Washed and dried and moisturised my hands what feels like a hundred times… My skin is already prone to dryness (yet another bonus symptom of Sjögrens Syndrome, and Happy Sjögrens Syndrome Awareness Month if there’s anyone out there reading this!) and the cheap petrochemical moisturisers are horrible on my skin. Part of my birthday treat will be buying a tube of my favourite hand cream (ahhh, luxury!) instead. That’s a tomorrow job, when I go to the pharmacy for my order.

For now, I think it’s time for some TV, more moisturiser, and my last cup of tea for the day.

And tell me your achievements – you’ll notice today I didn’t list a shower, and that’s ok. Any achievement is fine. If you drank your water – good job! Brushed your teeth? Great! Read some Instagram? Well done!

Until next time, remember, we’re all finding the new normal, it’s not the end times, and wash your hands