Ms Emmalumpdogg’s true calling

In which she shows that even city dogs know what to do…

For days now on their morning walks, Ms Emmalumpdogg and her Daddy have been spying a surprising, out of place thing. And every day, Ms Emmalumpdogg has looked up hopefully at Daddy, asking, “Can we cross the road and go over there today?” Only to be told, disappointingly, “not today, big girl”.

But today, she’d decided enough.

Off they went, not long after dawn…

Yes! Finally! Daddy had, after several of Ms Emmalumpdogg’s “we shall not be moved” moments, agreed to take her to the flock. To get her closer to what she knew in her koolie/kelpie bones was her True Purpose in life! Sheep! Part of her soul! Where she was meant to be! Her own little herd of people around the house was all very well, and she loved looking after them, but she was, after all, a Working Dog.

Happy and exhausted, Daddy and Ms Emmalumpdogg trotted home for breakfast and a nap. After all, a girl has to build up her strength for more adventures!